Spitfire is an innovative drone survey company providing you the technology you need to simplify, enhance, and inform your workflow. Based in Vancouver, B.C., our team of professional unmanned aerial vehicle experts are dedicated to providing on-demand services that are significantly faster and more accurate than traditional methods.

Capturing accurate survey data is expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes unsafe to gather – and once you have the data, it may be difficult to access and interpret. Our goal is to make the process of data collection much simpler for your business, while producing customized outputs that revolutionize how you do your job.

Our 3D maps, high resolution imagery and videos are valuable assets. Whether used for monitoring and assessment, as analytical data, or as marketing materials, our outputs consistently bring customers’ business and workflow to the next level. We want to support your success, and the best way we know to do this is to provide precise data as efficiently and safely as possible.

That being said, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of flight safety. Our pilots operate under the Canadian Commercial UAV SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate), and operate above and beyond Transport Canada guidelines. We take care of the insurance and regulations, so you don’t have to.

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